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Remove Bitnami Banner from AWS WordPress Template

I’ve recently moved over to hosting and am now using AWS. As I’m lazy I decided to use the Bitnami Pre-configured Template, however it comes with an annoying banner in the bottom right corner, to remove it, simply access the server via SSH and enter following command sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig –disable_banner 1 The you’ll need to

Excluding Multiple Folders using rSync

I’ve started to test out the VMWare vCloud Air Object Storage (VCAOS – Sorry!!) Currently there’s no option for a GUI so I’m having to use GSUTIL to upload data. I make no secret of my dislike for CLI’s – I have no real reason to dislike them other than I’m terrible at using them. Anyway

Colour Changes, Remove Facebook and Pinterest from Touchfolio

I’ve been working on a blog for a photographer friend, we had found a theme we’d like but there were a few changes we wanted to make. Before I go through he changes a mention to dimsemenov for his great Touchfolio theme We didn’t like the background colour of the post pages, they were in the default