Monthly Archive:: October 2015

Excluding Multiple Folders using rSync

I’ve started to test out the VMWare vCloud Air Object Storage (VCAOS – Sorry!!) Currently there’s no option for a GUI so I’m having to use GSUTIL to upload data. I make no secret of my dislike for CLI’s – I have no real reason to dislike them other than I’m terrible at using them. Anyway

VMWorld Europe 2015 Keynote Video Day 1 and Day 2

Anyone looking for the Tuesday and Wednesday Keynote/General Session video can find it here. Tuesday –   Wednesday  

Interesting things to come with vCloud Air DR

After David Hill’s vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Technical Deep Drive (HBC5008) there certainly seems to be some really interesting features coming, both software and pricing! The only disappointing bit is there’s still no fix for the resizing of disks that are replicating, having to break the replication of a 600Gb machine, adjust the disk size

VMWare vCloud Air + Google Cloud Platform = Awesome

VMWare vCloud Air + Google Cloud Platform = Awesome. OK so its a bit early to proclaim this is the best thing of VMWorld but I’m really impressed with the vCloud Air Object Storage Platform. It’s lacking a decent GUI but I’ve no doubt it be here very soon. Also being able to say and

VMWorld 2015

Well, its that time again, VMWorld 2015 is here. Its been a busy morning, already managed to lose my pass, but managed to get to HBC6560-GD – DR as a Service on time, great session with @davehill99 and Roshni Pary. Really great session.