11 May 2015

ESX 5.5 Host Disconnects 60 seconds after adding to vCenter.

ESX 5.5 Host Disconnects 60 seconds after adding to vCenter. Today I’ve been creating a new network for our ESX Hosts and encountered this error. I could add the host to vCenter but after a minute it would come up
21 Mar 2015

Private VLAN’s on VMWare vNetwork Distributed Switch (PVLAN on vDS)

Private VLAN’s on VMWare vNetwork Distributed Switch (PVLAN on vDS) I realised I knew very little about the PVLAN for the vDS’ I started going through and finding some informational videos so decided to put them all
9 Mar 2015

Setting up a Isolated vSphere Network

I had to setup an isolated network to do some testing today, I decided to create a quick video 🙂     Original VMWare Article Here
18 Feb 2015

Windows Update – Error 800B0001

I had a problem this morning after deploying a WSUS server. When running Windows Updates on the client workstation I get the Error 800B0001.  I found this was due to the missing update To resolve this error you
5 Jan 2015

VMWare Data Protection /var 0% free disk space.

Our Veeam ONE Monitor showed the following error for our Data Protection Appliance 5.5 “Amount of free disk space “/var” (0%) is below a defined threshold (5%). Current free disk space is 0.00 GB” I connected to
7 Dec 2014

How To Migrate vSphere Machines To vCloud Air

Trying to understand how to migrate machines to vCloud Air is an interesting subject, especially if you want to move on-prem to cloud. I can’t take any credit for this here’s a useful guide Hopefully this should
1 Dec 2014

Configure RDP and Internet Access in Cloud Air

Quick guide to RDP, NAT and Web Access in CloudAir. It took me some time to go through it all using different web pages so I thought if I needed it someone else will to, so here’s
26 Nov 2014

VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

I’ve spent today getting the vCloud up and running, the web elements are really easy! (I’d recommend the labs, it’ll make a big difference) I’ve had some problem adding it to my vCenter 5.5 though. “You need
10 Nov 2014

Online Backups – Backblaze, cheap easy and truly unlimited.

Last year I received a mail, the normal mail you get from various technology sites, one link that caught my attention was a report from an online backup company, this company issue out reports on various types and
10 Nov 2014

Hosted Exchange – Part 1

We’re getting fed up of this huge virtual machine. It’s just sitting there chewing through RAM and Disk We’ve got 268 mailboxes. Plus the usual shared resources, calendars etc. Even this “small” machine takes 22GB RAM and