Hosted Exchange – Part 1

We’re getting fed up of this huge virtual machine. It’s just sitting there chewing through RAM and Disk

We’ve got 268 mailboxes. Plus the usual shared resources, calendars etc.

Even this “small” machine takes 22GB RAM and 500GB storage, then you need to add 350GB+ being backed up each night, the fact its chomping IOPs (anywhere from 3-500  according to the monitor)



Then we’ve got the 100GBs of E-Mail archive dotted around, then the support hours helping people make archives, trying to plan Windows Updates and Exchange Service Pack installs are difficult as its such a critical service.  There’s never a good time to take it down. So the question is why are we still doing this?

Answer – I really don’t know.

The ideal solution seems to be moving to hosted environment, we can stop worrying about all of the above we can just use E-Mail, with no storage limits, no downtime for SP’s and no more trying to manage this 500GB machine. OK so 500GB isn’t going to break any world records, but in a small environment its a lot.

There are a lot of companies offer hosted exchange, but they are more or less the same prices and offer more or less the same service, so why not go Microsoft, they are really pushing these solutions a now a large part of their revenue comes from the “Cloud” services. They designed exchange so they seems like the ideal ones to run it.

I’m just waiting for a trial.



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