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Last year I received a mail, the normal mail you get from various technology sites, one link that caught my attention was a report from an online backup company, this company issue out reports on various types and brands of hard drive. I found the report quite intriguing, it was really interesting to see what drives were failing the most often.  It was interesting to see this on a larger scale as well, a company that may have bought several hundred identical drives at the same moment. Its more difficult to see this across and organisation as workstation and server replacements can be on-going.

It was also interesting to see they were using consumer based drives as well as enterprise based drives.

Once I’d finished reading I thought I’d take a look at their product, what are they offering?  For some time I’d thought about getting a Apples Time Capsule or a Synology NAS (they’ve got some really nice backup applications) however cost always put me off, that as well as having another device that can potentially be stolen or destroyed.  Friends and colleagues have been burgled and had their external backup drives stolen along with their laptops, so Online seemed the most suitable option.

Predicting a laptop hard drive failure I’d started copying the most crucial stuff to my Dropbox account but the storage soon ran out, I purchased more, but it was getting quite costly and was taking some of my time to copy the data across.  I wanted something more automated. So when I found the Backblaze’s offering I was very interested.

“Unlimited data backup for your Mac or PC for just $5/month” said the headline,  so, right, what’s the catch?  Like the mobile tariffs?? “Unlimited Data*” * Subject to fair usage policy for 1Gb per month – was it going to be that?  No.  So what was the catch?  Turns out there isn’t one.  It does exactly what it says on the tin!  It really is unlimited data.  Just checking my stats now…..254,963MB backed up online.  Around 200GB of that data is from my external hard drive. The Backblaze application will ask you what drive you want to sync and then will start backup it up.  There’s some more details here on the retention policies. By default the software will skip larger files like .vhd .iso .vmdk and such like, however the options will allow you to include these if you want to.

I’m so happy with Backblaze and that’s why I wrote this.

Here’s the link on Disk Reliability

Also here’s a link that gets you and I a free month – Backblaze



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