VMWare vCloud Air + Google Cloud Platform = Awesome

VMWare vCloud Air + Google Cloud Platform = Awesome.

OK so its a bit early to proclaim this is the best thing of VMWorld but I’m really impressed with the vCloud Air Object Storage Platform. It’s lacking a decent GUI but I’ve no doubt it be here very soon. Also being able to say and write vCAOS helps.

No official figures yet, but we’re being told it’ll scale towards Petabytes.

For a brief description of object storage, take a look at David Hill’s article HERE

Quick specs – Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 01.06.59

The pricing and service options for vCAOS are in my opinion correct and comparable to the other current offerings.

VMWare VCA Object Storage Tiers


My personal use of this is way off VMWare’s target market, however for businesses it can be an interesting product. For example in medical imaging you may be required to keep the images files almost indefinitely, this can range from a 75Mb image set to around 2Gb, a patient could have a large amount of previous exams so you could be looking at around 10Gb, this is worst case, but far from an unusual one. So having the ability to store large volumes of data in a reliable, secure and easily accessible location can become very appealing.

VMWare had obviously worked hard on this – I wonder now if this will give the VCA platform the traction its been lacking.

Official VMWare Information can be found here – LINK Also note they are currently offer £300 credit when you sign up.


Late Night Update


Unfortunately I’ve not had much luck trying to find a GUI client that works, so right now I’m stuck using the gsutils.  Its doing the job, but I miss my nice GUI 🙂 If anyone wants to collaborate on one, please get in contact!



Another note  about this – we recently spent about 3 hours debating whether we should start to use OneDrive, we’ve have areas of the business pushing to use OneDrive however we still don’t have a nicely defined policy to enable this, the more we talked the more issues we raised.  So in the end it the real question is whether you as a business can find a way to make this work, finding the platform is actually the easy bit.  That said, do I still want to the VCA Object Storage – Yes, I REALLY do!





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