Saving Mail Attachments to Azure Blob Storage using Logic App

I recently had a requirement to Save Mail Attachments to an Azure Blob. The easiest way for me was to use a Logic App. Before starting create an Azure Storage Account, create the Blob and the required folder structure. Once complete you can start to design the Logic App. 1. Define Outlook ConnectorThis is configured…

Search Azure Blob for File

Unfortunately the Azure Storage Explorer or Azure Portal doesn’t allow you to search for a filename stored on a blob, so a simple way to is to run PowerShell script to return the results and paths. This example outputs to a .csv Hope that helps!

Changing Azure SQL Firewall using Runbook

This Runbook will Add/Modify the Firewall Rules on an Azure SQL Server. This can be run interactively by removing the AzureRunAsConnection section. Additional it can be configured to run using Params (post to follow later)

PowerShell – Adding users and groups to a server using a CSV source

Quick and simple on here. This script takes the list of servers from a CSV file and then adds the specified user or groups to the local group of that server. CSV File should be formatted as follows “Name”“Server1”“Server2” A copy is attached if you want to download it.

Retaining the same IP address in Azure Site Recovery

Let’s say you need to retain your hardcoded IP Address when you migrate VMWare VM’s to Azure using Azure Site Recovery, in this case I want to my server to retain it’s IP Address of Here’s how you complete this. Login to the Azure Portal Open your Site Recovery Vault Select “Replicated Items” Select…

VMWorld 2018 – External PSC’s are done!

Sitting here in the “Introducing vSphere Platinum and vSphere 6.7 Update 1” and the news is the the External PSC is being deprecated. The VMWare blog post is here  –

VMWorld 2018 – Day 1

Day 2. As always I arrived late and missed the first session – will have to wait until it’s online later tonight to review – next year I’ll arrive on time. Again I’ve got another full agenda today, really looking forward to this session “Introducing vSphere Platinum and vSphere 6.7 Update 1” Let’s see what’s…