Colour Changes, Remove Facebook and Pinterest from Touchfolio

I’ve been working on a blog for a photographer friend, we had found a theme we’d like but there were a few changes we wanted to make. Before I go through he changes a mention to dimsemenov for his great Touchfolio theme

We didn’t like the background colour of the post pages, they were in the default grey colour and we also did’t want the share to Facebook and Pinterest buttons.

First thing to do (as always) is make a backup copy of your style-touchfolio-default.less file. The file is located here –

Connect using your preferred tool, in my case cPanel.  Once you’ve made a copy you can either use the built in Code Editor with cPanel or download the file and open it in your preferred application.

To change the colour go to section 3 in the style-touchfolio-default.less change the #FFF;  to the colour you want.

// 3. Background colors

@content-background: #FFF; 
@sidebar-background: #FFF;

To remove Facebook and Pinterest bars go to the “// Some overriding styles” and add the following below it.

//Remove Pinterest and FB Buttons
a.pin-it-btn, a.facebook-share-btn {
display: none !important;

Now either save the file (if you’re using the code editor) or upload the file if you doing it locally and that’s all.

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