Fitting Magura 167 Hydraulic Clutch to Yamaha WR 250 F (2009)

So now for something un-IT related.

A year or so ago I started riding Enduro and since then I’ve always wanted and Hydraulically controlled clutch.

I recently found a well priced secondhand Magura 167 that came off a Honda CRF 450. So for the last few weeks I’ve been searching for the other parts that are needed to convert it for my WR 250F. There are lot of different options so check it out carefully.

Hopefully some of this information will be useful to you if you want to do the same. I’ll list the measurements and the part numbers to help.  I will say this, this is only a guide of what I did, I’m not guaranteeing your installation!

Slave Cylinder – 35mm  (0120655)

The Slave Cylinder is the 35mm version. There are some guides to measure the required length on the Magura website, however for my Yamaha 35mm is the perfect length.

Hose Length – 1045mm 

The 1045mm is a good length you can follow the existing clutch cable route with a small amount of slack.

Hot Start (0723189)  

If you’ve got a hot start you may want to buy the additional Deco Lever.

Large Nipple Attachment – (0412310)

This is to adapt the Magura standard slave rod to the Yamaha Bullet Type (see pictures below)

Clutch Switch

The 167’s don’t come with the clutch switch, for me this isn’t a problem, you just need to make sure you always start with the clutch pulled in.

You can not remove the clutch switch entirely and just leave the connecting plug behind the headlight, you either need to loop a wire between the two terminals on the connector or as I did which was to wrap the switch up in tape to protect it from water and dust and tie it up behind the headlight with all the other wires.

Fitting was pretty easy, the most time consuming elements were removing the old clutch setup and bleeding the Magura. The bleeding process is a bit fiddly, in the end I used another piece of rubber tube to get a better seal around the bleed nipple.

I forgot to get some photos of it mounted, will get these next time!

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 16.02.47

Here are two quick video of it in use.

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