VMWare Data Protection /var 0% free disk space.

Our Veeam ONE Monitor showed the following error for our Data Protection Appliance 5.5

“Amount of free disk space “/var” (0%) is below a defined threshold (5%). Current free disk space is 0.00 GB”

I connected to the console via PuTTY and found the alert was correct /var was out of space. So I couldn’t find any good options to remove the files through the web UI so I did it manually. It’s very simple.

To see the space – df -h

Running – du /var gave me a list , biggest folder is the /var/log


Inside /var/log you will see lots of the following


These are all old, its unlikely I will need them but I will compress them and move them off. However I’d also like to keep them separate so I will name each TAR separately.

To move the secure.[date] files use the following command.

tar czvf /tmp/oldlog_sec.tgz /var/log/secure.* command will take all the secure.[date] files and move them to /tmp/ as a tar file.

Once that’s finished I will delete all the secure.[date] files – rm /var/log/secure.*

Now the same for the other files.

tar czvf /tmp/oldlog_mes.tgz /var/log/messages-*

tar czvf /tmp/oldlog_war.tgz /var/log/warn-*

tar czvf /tmp/oldlog_fir.tgz /var/log/firewall-*.bz2

Now delete all the old files

rm /var/log/messages-*

rm /var/log/warn-*

rm /var/log/firewall-*.bz2

Now copy the logs from the /tmp folder.

For this I’ll use WinSCP


Checking the /var/log folder shows we’ve now got 42%


There are probably a lot more files here that could be removed, however without the confirmation from VMWare I’ll leave it like this.

You could off course run this as a script and even schedule it, but as I’m not that good with Linux I’ll happily do it manually 🙂

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