14 Oct 2015

VMWorld Europe 2015 Keynote Video Day 1 and Day 2

Anyone looking for the Tuesday and Wednesday Keynote/General Session video can find it here. Tuesday –   Wednesday  
14 Oct 2015

Interesting things to come with vCloud Air DR

After David Hill’s vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Technical Deep Drive (HBC5008) there certainly seems to be some really interesting features coming, both software and pricing! The only disappointing bit is there’s still no fix for the resizing
13 Oct 2015

VMWare vCloud Air + Google Cloud Platform = Awesome

VMWare vCloud Air + Google Cloud Platform = Awesome. OK so its a bit early to proclaim this is the best thing of VMWorld but I’m really impressed with the vCloud Air Object Storage Platform. It’s lacking
13 Oct 2015

VMWorld 2015

Well, its that time again, VMWorld 2015 is here. Its been a busy morning, already managed to lose my pass, but managed to get to HBC6560-GD – DR as a Service on time, great session with @davehill99 and Roshni
24 Sep 2015

Colour Changes, Remove Facebook and Pinterest from Touchfolio

I’ve been working on a blog for a photographer friend, we had found a theme we’d like but there were a few changes we wanted to make. Before I go through he changes a mention to dimsemenov for his
19 Sep 2015


3 Jun 2015

Outlook 2007 prompting for credentials after moving to hosted exchange/office 365

After spending days finding a fix for Outlook 2010 – (Post here) I found some Outlook 2007 clients that were throwing the same error The KB Number is – KB2596993 downloads can be found here KB2596993 Also check out
30 May 2015

Outlook 2010 prompting for credentials after moving to hosted exchange/office 365

We’ve been migrating to hosted exchange on Office 365 for some weeks now. Some of our Outlook 2010 clients have a problem once they’d been moved. After many hours of trying different things and searching I found a Microsoft
27 May 2015

Opening delegated Mailboxes on Office 365 Hosted Exchange

A few months ago we looked different exchange solutions, in the end our choice was hosted Exchange on Office 365. Our setup is a little unusual as over time it’s been migrated from SBS through to a full Exchange 2010
11 May 2015

#Article on – Do Jumbo Frames Improve vMotion Performance? – Wahl Network

I’ve been considering this for some time, this was the final article that helped me decide, the idea is good but its not that straightforward! Do you want to drive further performance from vMotion with jumbo frames?